Students eagerly stay behind at computer classes

21 Jun , 2015  

Earlier this year I taught 4 classes a day from 10am to 8pm, using the 10 laptops in the library. They were initially full of viruses and spyware which took some time to clean up before classes could begin. This year I taught the beginner stream – students who understood basic English. Luckily their usual Lao teacher was […]



Donate your old smart phone

15 Jun , 2015  

Do you have an unused smartphone you can donate for a student in Laos? Laos is a communist country with a population of 6.477.211 people. The GDP per capita is $2700 USD, with 67% of the population living outside of urban centers. Laos has a very young population, with a median age of 21 years. […]


Clean Drinking Water in Laos

12 Jun , 2015   Video

I fund projects using Kiva. With Kiva I make a small loan with many other people. People get the money they need and the loans are repaid over time. I then lend the same monies again. Recently I made a loan to Kari Derenzi who has reported back, “I am excited to share with you […]


Meeting the Laotians Clearing Their Country of America’s Unexploded Bombs

3 Jun , 2015  

I have posted similar information before, but people I speak with are often very surprised about this unknown history and current situation in Laos (perhaps a somewhat unknown and mysterious country) in relation to unexploded bombs (UXO). This article below is a great overview of both and every little share helps raise awareness of this tragic history […]