Elephants in Luang Prabang for new year

16 Apr , 2016   Video

It is Lao New Year now (Pimai), one of the most important dates in the Lao calendar. Although officially a three-day festival in Luang Prabang, the party always goes on for at least a week. Officially the last day of the year, 13th April is traditionally a day of renewal, the main symbol of which is […]

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Unlocking Laos for the traveller

11 Apr , 2016  

This article recently published By Harry Bedford shows what a wonderful place Laos is for tourists. It is the only country in South East Asia with no beaches but they make up for it with beautiful people, mountains and waterfalls. Did I mention the food? This short articles will give you a good taste of […]

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Laos’ garment industry declines due to labour shortage

9 Apr , 2016  

It seems a common theme in recent reports about Laos loosing out on work opportunists due to a poorly skilled workforce despite in past years being able to secure such investment. The World Bank Climate Assessment report made similar conclusions about the low productivity rate of Lao workers and shortage of skilled workers, including English. […]

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Archaeologists just found human remains in the mysterious ‘jar plains’ of Laos

6 Apr , 2016  

JOSH HRALA – 5 APR 2016 At first glance, the Plain of Jars in Laos looks like something out of an Indiana Jones film. The landscape is covered in clusters of stone jars, ranging in size from 1 to 3 metres tall, with some weighing in at over 10 tonnes. But what was their original purpose? […]