Students loaned bikes to come to school

27 Sep , 2016  

The school has 18 bikes that are lent to students who have no bike or other means to get to school. Many walk a very long way. This week we are giving bikes to the most needy students but still over 10 people will miss out and likely not be able to come to class […]


This past month helping Orphanages and School in Laos

21 Sep , 2016   Video

Time has passed quickly since late August when I stopped in Saigon, Vietnam. I joined Love Shines from Singapore on a mission to orphanages looking after youth with hydrocephalus, also called Water on the Brain. It causes enlargement of the head and is fatal. I visited two orphanages and we purchased supplies at local stores for these programmes. […]

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Laos US: Obama regrets ‘biggest bombing in history’ – BBC News

7 Sep , 2016  

Barack Obama announces a major funding boost for the removal of unexploded US ordnance in Laos though some question what real difference it can make. Source: Laos US: Obama regrets ‘biggest bombing in history’ – BBC News

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Boat Racing Festival in Luang Prabang, Laos 2016

3 Sep , 2016   Video

In Luang Prabang, Boun Suang Heua, or the Boat Racing Festival is held on Khao Padapdin, the Day of the Commemoration of the Dead  (in August usually but this year it was yesterday on 2 September). In Vientiane Capital it is held the day after the End of Buddhist Lent. Both are important social and […]

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