Where else can you dine like this?

24 Jan , 2017  

When I get time off, what better way to spend an afternoon than chilling out in a river hut? Just outside Luang Prabang, 30 mins up the Mekong river are a number of huts where you can relax and eat great Lao food and cool drinks. It does feel like a bit of a special treat to […]

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Nightlife in Laos – Eating at a Beer bar

21 Jan , 2017  

So what do local restaurants in Luang Prabang look like? Here is your intro to a local “Beer bar”. I enjoy the odd night out to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal and sometimes a few beers. The food is usually excellent and one of my favourites – sweet and sour whole fish (usually […]


Two students get 100% in recent computer test

18 Jan , 2017  

We teach Saturday IT classes and two students who come to classes to learn more advanced Microsoft Office skills have achieved 100% in their recent test. David put together the programme in 2016 after consultation with local businesses in Luang Prabang. The course focuses on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and other topics such as anti-virus, safety […]

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Teacher Lu’s story

10 Jan , 2017  

The School in Luang Prabang teaches English and Computer Studies to Lao students from disadvantaged families. The school is free and funded by donations. This is the story of Lu, the newest teacher at the school. “My name’s Lu. I was born on 12th March 1991 in a small village in the countryside, Xamneau district, […]