A very cool music school in Luang Prabang

29 Mar , 2017  

The Music for everyone school (MES) give free music lessons and free use of instruments to help people who are interested in music so they can follow their interests. It is run by the very passionate Max who works with a team of Lao staff who run lessons in the three classrooms. They have fourteen acoustic […]


Female Pilots breaking barriers

10 Mar , 2017  

Way to go girls! I hope your story inspires other Lao girls.

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Beware the voluntourists intent on doing good

3 Mar , 2017   Video

The term voluntourism refers to the growing phenomenon of individuals travelling to developing countries to carry out volunteer work.  They go for a week or two for a “project” — a temporary medical clinic, an orphanage visit or a school construction. Many go to teach English during high school, college vacations or during an OE/gap year. […]

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