Cats and dogs left over after rain

15 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Well the rainy season in Laos has ended and it was a bad season. There is a lot of damage to roads and of course, there was the Dam collapse in Attapeu on 23 July. It’s not raining cats and dogs and more but there are a lot of cats and dogs in Laos. They […]

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Fishing on the border

8 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Bokèo is a northern province of Laos. It is the smallest and least populous province in Laos. For most people they enter Bokeo when crossing via land from Thailand. I love going from Luang prabang up the Mekong River to Huay Xai, in Bokeo Province and into Thailand, it is a magic few days. I […]

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Beware the voluntourists intent on doing good

3 Mar , 2017   Video

The term voluntourism refers to the growing phenomenon of individuals travelling to developing countries to carry out volunteer work.  They go for a week or two for a “project” — a temporary medical clinic, an orphanage visit or a school construction. Many go to teach English during high school, college vacations or during an OE/gap year. […]

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What is the most delicious noodle soup in Laos?

21 Feb , 2017  

One of my greatest pleasures in Laos is eating some of the local soups. Kao soi is a must try. It’s available almost everywhere and a few street places are my favourite. Kao soi is a soup made with wide rice noodles, coarsely chopped pork, tomatoes, fermented soy beans, chillies, shallots, and garlic, then topped […]



Where else can you dine like this?

24 Jan , 2017  

When I get time off, what better way to spend an afternoon than chilling out in a river hut? Just outside Luang Prabang, 30 mins up the Mekong river are a number of huts where you can relax and eat great Lao food and cool drinks. It does feel like a bit of a special treat to […]

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Nightlife in Laos – Eating at a Beer bar

21 Jan , 2017  

So what do local restaurants in Luang Prabang look like? Here is your intro to a local “Beer bar”. I enjoy the odd night out to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal and sometimes a few beers. The food is usually excellent and one of my favourites – sweet and sour whole fish (usually […]


First day’s food in Vientiane

18 Jan , 2015  

I do like the food in Laos. It tends to be super spicy but not always. I caught up with some friends in their village in Vientiane, not far from Patuxai (the Gate of Triumph). We walked 3 minutes across the road to the street vendor to buy some lunch. I love these eggs which have been emptied and […]

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